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Plaid Grandpa Coat with Attached Hoodie - Grey Blue Green

Emory Bee
For the person whose style manifesto is bold and on the go. Classic mens coats tailoring in nostalgic plaid fabrication could surely be found in your stylish grandfathers closet. This look takes us back in time to the smell of grainy whiskey and antique wooden furniture. Meant for the girl with s...

Fireside Fuzzy Jacket - Leopard

Emory Bee
A redux of the morning after outfit, our cozy, yet tailored take on the “boyfriend” jacket rejects the need for to pillage your partners wardrobe entirely.  The piece that looks like it was stolen from the closet of lovers past, is now entirely your own. 100% cruelty free fuzzy jacket hugs you li...

Super Luxe Faux Fur Coat - Ivory

Emory Bee
For the girl who demands theatrics of not just a great outfit but an ensemble. Who’s heart yearns for something above simply the practical. This piece is your closet star. Coats were once reserved for the very back of your closet and pulled out seasonally when cold weather strikes. Not her. She’s...